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August 13, 2015
Therapy "Tool" Thursday
Tobbles Neo
I waited a while to post this therapy tool/toy as the price was higher than some of my therapy purchases. Children from the ages of 10 months to 10+ years have enjoyed "playing" with these stacking semi-balls.

They can be stacked as shown in the picture or by turning each piece upside down. I've used this tool in therapy to elicit expressive language by withholding the item until the child attempts a sign, word approximation or full word indicating he/she wants the item. It can also be incorporated into basic receptive language tasks such as following directions, identifying colors, prepositions and more.

The quality of the material has lasted for over a year of continuous use. It's simple to clean and easy to store. The pieces are heavier than some similar toys and do require adult supervision to help prevent little ones from lobbing them toward anyone's face. ;)

Happy Therapy Time! -Kristen

Link to "Tobbles Neo" Toy at Fat Brain Toys, LLC ($26.95 at the time of posting)

*Photo retrieved from above link at Fat Brain Toys, LLC

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