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July 31, 2014
Therapy "Tool" Thursday
Recommendation No. 2
Eureka's 50 Counting Bears with 5 Cups

My recommendation today of plastic counting bears with matching cups easily makes my TOP 10 THERAPY TOOL LIST...well, it'll make it if and when I ever create such a list.  Although there are several versions of these "counting bears" available, I've been using "Eureka's 50 Counting Bears with Cups" for 5+ years now.

-WHERE TO BUY: Search online for the best deal

-PRICE: Ranges from $7-15 plus any shipping & handling

-GOALS TO ADDRESS: sorting, counting, identifying and naming colors, following single-step, multi-step and/or sequential directions, adjectives, requesting wanted items (verbally or with gestures), imitatively and/or spontaneously using single and/or multi-word phrases, maintaining age-appropriate attention, task completion, articulation targets, behavioral objectives and more!

-BONUS: They're easy to clean! Sanitize with a classic bleach and water solution, run them through the dishwasher in a lidded basket or throw them in a mesh bag in the washing machine.


Recently I had one of those great moments in therapy when I inadvertently discovered new ways to use two favorite therapy tools simultaneously!

Variation #1: Click together the Fisher Price "Stack & Roll Cups" into BALLS and place them on top of the Eureka "Counting Bear Cups." Drop the bears into the hole in their matching stacking cups.

Variation #2: Arrange the Fisher Price "Stack & Roll Cups" into a TOWER and drop the bears in the hole at the top of the tower.

Voila! You've created two innovative activities from toys you already owned! Plus, OTs will like it for the fine motor skills involved with picking up the bears and dropping them through the hole in the top of the stacking balls. Your kiddos may love it for the clunking sound it makes while falling through the ball and "disappearing" into the cup.

Hope you have a BEARY fun time! -Kristen

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