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July 24, 2014
Therapy "Tool" Thursday
A Classic Stack
Fisher-Price Stack & Roll Cups

Although the odds were STACKED against me to find great recommendations for two consecutive weeks, I must be on a ROLL as I have another versatile toy to share with you: Fisher-Price's "STACK & ROLL Cups!" (Do you see what I did there with 
the clever play on words?)

Candice (SLP) introduced me to this versatile "therapy tool" on her first day with Dietrich Speech & Language. I couldn't believe how quickly children of numerous ages and abilities were enamored with this colorful toy! There was one young patient who rarely verbalizes who even initiated several 1-2 word spoken requests for the toy. 

I mentioned to Candice how much I loved the "Stack & Roll Cups" toy and before I could purchase my own, she gifted me my very own set for my therapy bag! Thank you, Candice!

-Kristen Dietrich, MS, CCC-SLP

Potential Speech & Language Goals to Address Using the Toy: 

- imitating consonants/vowels/words/phrases/signs
- spontaneously requesting wanted items
- providing appropriate conversational exchanges or targeting pragmatic goals such as eye contact
- following 1-step,multi-step, sequential and other types of directions - demonstrating understanding of foundational concepts - colors, numbers, size
- articulation goals 
-many more!

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