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October 05, 2012
Candy Corn Craft 2012
for all ages
Happy Fall!

Some of our speech-language therapy sessions included a fun fall craft this week! One craft some of our pediatric patients enjoyed was this simple "candy corn" project. This craft incorporated a variety of speech-language goals depending on each child's needs. You can adjust this craft to address a variety of goals: attention goals, as well as articulation, expressive, receptive and pragmatic language goals.


-1 larger piece of construction paper (any color, but we mainly used brown or dark purple)
-Orange, yellow and white construction paper (scraps work great!)
-Glue stick
-scissors (optional)
-Draw a candy corn outline on larger piece of construction paper
-Tear/rip the orange, yellow and white construction paper scraps into smaller pieces (adult or child can do the actual tearing/ripping depending on skill level)
-Put glue on one section of candy corn at a time
-Place ripped pieces of construction paper in appropriate section of candy corn (white in top section, orange in middle section, yellow in bottom section)     
-You can either cut out candy corn or leave on construction paper

Examples of Goals
-Patient will maintain attention to task for 3 minutes x5/session.
-Patient will imitate /target sound/ in the initial position of words with 80% intelligibility.
-Patient will imitiate CVCV words with 90% intelligiblity. 
-Patient will spontaneously request basic wants/needs x10/session.
-Patient will ask for wanted item using correct sentence structure (in question format) x5/session.
-Patient will identify common objects (field of 3) with 90% accuracy. 

Clinical Note: The SLP or adult caregiver can use this craft as a motivation for some patients. For example, if the child completes "x" amount of specific goal, then he/she gets to complete part of the candy corn craft. (e.g., Child receives 1 piece of torn paper for every attempt at imitating initial /k/ words.) 

Home Exercise Plan: The SLP may choose to write target goals with examples for each child on the back of the candy corn craft so caregivers can use for practice outside of therapy.

The child who completed the craft featured in this photograph is 2 years, 11 months old. He had assistance from his speech pathologist.

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